For 20 years, Goodmark has manufactured quality sheetmetal and trim your your classic cars and trucks.


When you are looking for the highest quality parts on the market, be sure to ask for Goodmark, and do it right the first time!

In the 80′s, classic car owners where finding it  harder and harder to find get OEM sheet metal and trim for their cars and trucks. Most of the sheet metal on the market was mainly coming from the collison parts industry. Some collectors determined that if the hobby was going to grow, high quality sheet metal was needed.

Founded in 1991, Goodmark began to offer the highest quality sheet metal on the market.

Goodmark’s  goal has always been to offer the highest quality sheet metal and trim on the market, Goodmark retooled part after part to achive that standard. Classics like Challengers, Barracudas, Camaros  and other cars that had been difficult to find sheet metal for are now being restored thanks to the availability of quality parts tooled by Goodmark

Jeff’s Muscle Cars and Goodmark look forward to continue to provide quality parts for the vehicle restoration industry and hobbyists for years to come.